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Does REAAL contain caffeine?

No, all REAAL formulas are caffeine-free

What is the source of the essential amino acids?

Non-GMO corn is used as the base for a natural fermentation process that produces the amino acids in REAAL.

When do I use REAAL for maximum benefit?

There is no wrong time to use REAAL….when you wake up, prior and/or after exercise, sipping throughout the day.  One tip, though, is that we often recommend taking it before you go to bed at night so your muscles are being “fed” before being depleted of nutrition as part of a normal, healthy night’s sleep.

Is REAAL gluten-free?


Where is REAAL produced?

REAAL is produced in the USA, in a GMP certified facility, with premium materials from around the world.

Are all EAA formulas the same as long as they include all 9?

No, multiple studies confirm that in order to maximize protein synthesis, the EAAs need to be in the exact ratio that Dr. Wolfe has researched and developed.

Why does REAAL mix clear and all of the others have color?

In order to deliver clean, effective and pure vegan amino acids, we decided the product did not need to be polluted with heavy dyes and coloring.

Is it true BCAAs alone can prevent you from getting lean?

There are several new studies that show BCAAs do in fact spike your insulin levels and therefore can accelerate the process sugars can be turned into fat.  This process may prevent you from breaking down glucose as quickly.

Should I cycle off using REAAL?

REAAL is a combination of amino acids that are essentially the building blocks of protein. Protein can safely be taken every day.  Amino acids are very safe and necessary to our daily health.

Can I stack REAAL with my other supplements?

Absolutely.  REAAL is stimulant free, and very light in flavor so stacks well with your other supplements.  Use in conjunction as you see fit.

What is Informed Choice?

Informed-Choice is a certification program for sports supplements, raw materials, and manufacturing facilities, which assures athletes that products carrying the Informed-Choice mark have been regularly tested for substances considered prohibited in sport. In addition, Informed-Choice also ensures that products have been manufactured to high quality standards. Responsible supplement companies have made Informed-Choice part of their existing quality assurance systems to ensure their products are safer for athletes to use.

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